Print Pattern Design
Different prints and more to come of a pattern repeat.
Different wallhangings and more to come. Some of them are customized for a private customer and others are inspired of the areas in Copenhagen, Denmark.
SS15 Shiny Void Augustin Teboul
I was an intern at Augustin Teboul where I helped designing and finishing the SS15 collection. You can see more of the collection at:
LGBT - Hidden Treasures
I had an exhibition in Copenhagen where I wanted to invite people inside of the LGBT world with a for example a book of people someone has slept with scored by penises. And much more! There will come more pictures from the exhibition! Stay tuned
My bachelor in Textile Design was about finding a new way of using embroidery and I wanted to do a fully embroidered fabric for a small collection that I also designed. I ended up starting a company "Destitch" where I wanted to sell customized fabrics for designers. The photos are taken from the lovely Nadia.
Lego visit
An assignment where I and three Fashion design student where working on a set of cloth for some Lego employees for a Lego event at TEKO where Lego wanted to get inspired and see into new ways of designing
Black Swan
Together with a study friend we designed for TEKO some pillows and a wall hanger that where inspired by the black swan.
Music Ballerina
I was inspired by the music ballerina how it starts and then stop which also could be interpreted in our lives. I wanted to illustrate life from beginning till end in a dress that also has the same style as a dress from a music ballerina.
In Denmark close to Hammerum was found a 2000 year old body of a girl with still some garments and hair left. I used it as an inspiration for creating a fabric that looked like the body I saw in the museum.
Nordal Coffeemugs
This project for Nordal was about the annual crossing of Zebras and Gnus over the Marrariver in Africa where a lot of them die. I wanted to show it with nordic animals because Nordals vision is a nordic statement with inspiration of the east
Have a Play
A project where I wanted to use the idea of hiding yourself behind cards. The symbolism with it.
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