Michael Detlef

Designer / Illustrator

Destitch// This collection was about finding a new way of using embroidery and I wanted to do a fully embroidered fabric for a small collection that I also designed. The photos are taken from the lovely Nadia. Music Ballerina // I was inspired by the music ballerina how it starts and then stop which also could be interpreted in our lives. I wanted to illustrate life from beginning till end in a dress that also has the same style as a dress from a music ballerina. Resurrection // In Denmark close to Hammerum was found a 2000 year old body of a girl with still some garments and hair left. I used it as an inspiration for creating a fabric that looked like the body I saw in the museum.
Art Work
Pavillon no11 // Exhibition in Copenhagen at Pavillon no11. I wanted to invite people inside of the LGBT world. One piece shows a notebook with a scoring system about the people someone had slept with. Have a Play // A project where I wanted to use the idea of hiding yourself behind cards. The symbolism with it.
SS15 Shiny Void Augustin Teboul // Designer for Augustin Teboul in 2014. You can see more of the collection at: http://www.augustin-teboul.com LEGO // Design where three Fashion Designers and I were working on a set of cloth for some Lego employees for a Lego event.
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